Swiss born.

Australian made.

Camp Cove, Tobias Partners

What makes the Vitrocsa system unique?

The Vitrocsa system is the slimmest, most minimal window on the world market. Vitrocsa applies Swiss watchmaking techniques to window design to create a system that is almost undetectable.

The innovative use of micromechanics, concealed within tracks and frames, pushes refinement to the extreme. Vitrocsa is the unrivalled innovator of minimalism, performance and strength.


Slimmest frames worldwide

All components are designed down to the most minimal possible dimensions.


Glass of enormous proportions

Vitrocsa engineering supports the movement of glass of any size.


Invisible framework

Recessed tracks and frames offer a truly flush finish, with only the glass visible.


Innovative mechanics

Patented stainless-steel bearing technology hidden within flush tracks.


Manufactured in Australasia

AU and NZ in-house technicians fabricate, cut and install to precise measurement.


Bushfire tested

Successfully tested for BAL 40 (Bushfire Attack Level 40)


Reduced lead time

Readily available stock and local manufacturing aim to reduce wait times.


Architecture-first approach

Vitrocsa is a passionate advocate of good architecture.


Infinite possibilities

Seamless integration enables endless combinations and configurations.

Local production.

Certified quality

The Vitrocsa system celebrates the best of the Australasian environment and climate.

Using the original Vitrocsa principles and in partnership with the Swiss team, Vitrocsa Australia-New Zealand adapted and refined the system to accommodate the warmth of the southern hemisphere, resulting in unique solutions that have now been adopted globally.

Vitrocsa Australia extrudes and manufactures locally to Swiss and Australasian standards. Aluminium frames and tracks are engineered to provide enduring strength.

Vitrocsa is certified locally to meet Australian and New Zealand standards. The result is a high-performance system prepared to meet the dramatic Australasian environment, including cyclonic and coastal conditions.

Double-glazed doors and windows comply with BAL 40 – Bushfire Attack Level 40, and NZS 4211:2008.

Vitrocsa’s state-of-the-art facilities, located in Sydney, ensure high stock levels are available at all times, to minimise turnaround without the need for importation.

Vitrocsa is represented in Australasia exclusively by Vitrocsa Australia - New Zealand, which is fully staffed in-house by a dedicated, highly trained team.

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