Inventor of the modern minimalist window.

Since 1992.

Vitrocsa is the creator of the world’s slimmest, most sophisticated minimal window, designed with Swiss watchmaking precision for ambitious architectural projects.

Our story

A daring legacy.

A flash of inspiration leads Swiss watchmaker and mechanical engineer Eric Joray to an idea that revolutionises the window industry. Applying micro-engineering techniques, he reduces every component to its smallest possible dimension, leaving only the glass visible.

He names his invention Vitrocsa.

Chenchow Little

The Vitrocsa system is the most elegant on the market. There's always got to be a standard-bearer, someone who has taken something further, and others will follow.

– Wendy Lewin, architect

Bronte House,
Tobias Partners

Precision engineering

Artisanal approach.

Vitrocsa’s revolutionary design conceals frames and componentry within the architecture. The system is locally manufactured and customised for each individual project.

Lavender Bay House, Tobias Partners

The system Vitrocsa has invented is amazingly invisible. It is incredibly elegant and sophisticated.

– Bruce Stafford, Stafford Architecture

Shiplap House, Chenchow Little


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