Swiss craftsmanship.

Technological precision.

Nine-Square Bondi, Madeleine Blanchfield Architects

Every component is distilled down to its simplest, most perfect form.

The Vitrocsa journey

A flash of inspiration.

In 1992, Swiss watchmaker and mechanical engineer Eric Joray applied watchmaking discipline to window design, creating a system that technologically and aesthetically revolutionised the world of architecture.

He minimised all visible elements and distilled every component down to its simplest, most perfect form. He designed an ingenious bearing system and concealed the daring micro-mechanics within flush tracks, across which glass could effortlessly slide.

He stripped the frame from the glass and recessed it into the architecture. In its place, he engineered a system of strong, slim aluminium profiles. Crucially, the design allowed the use of large panels of glass without the need for frames, eliminating vertical sightlines. The glass became its own structural element. He had inverted the conventional construction principle.

The revolution had begun.

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Innovation and expansion.

Joray assembled a team of craftspeople in a former watchmaking factory in St Aubin. Their drive to expand the system’s possibilities was matched by their craftsmanship and technical precision.

As orders began to arrive from afar, Vitrocsa expanded globally. The original artisan ethos remained at its core. Collaboration with architects including Andrea Bassi, Jean Nouvel and Norman Foster expanded the revolution.

To this day, 30 years on, the pursuit of invention and innovation continues.

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Riviera, Joe Adsett Architects

Our Australian partners introduced the modern minimalist window concept to Australasia.

– Vanessa Buffet, co-owner, Vitrocsa Switzerland

An Australasian perspective.

In 2008, a small team with extensive building and architecture experience recognised the Vitrocsa system’s potential in the Antipodean climate. They arranged a meeting with Eric Joray in Switzerland, where a unique partnership was forged.

Soon after, Vitrocsa Australia was established, introducing the modern minimalist window to Oceania.

Using Joray’s original design and engineering principles, Vitrocsa Australia collaborated with renowned architect Wendy Lewin, innovating and developing the system further for warmer climates. These innovations have now been adopted globally.

Vitrocsa Australia began manufacturing domestically in 2014. Extruding raw materials and sourcing glass locally, Vitrocsa Australia is able to provide unrivalled service to Australia, New Zealand and the wider Oceania region.

Vitrocsa’s in-house team of architects and designers passionately collaborate with clients, tailoring the Vitrocsa system to each individual project.

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Lavender Bay, Tobias Partners

Vitrocsa continues the pursuit of invention and innovation.

Phoenix Central Park, Durbach Block Jaggers | John Wardle Architects


Certified quality.

All revolutionary inventors have encountered copycats and counterfeiting.

Vitrocsa remains the unrivalled world leader of minimalist window design and production.

Combating market imitations of the brand’s patented original concepts is extremely difficult. Copies of the Vitrocsa system and components have never achieved comparable quality, and damage the reputation of the minimalist window industry with their unreliability and poor construction.

To fight this, Vitrocsa certifies the excellence of all products. Each year, 10% of global turnover is reinvested into research and development to foster innovation, file patents and undergo rigorous testing to acquire required certifications. It’s a continuation of the legacy of constant innovation that has been a hallmark since Vitrocsa’s inception, 30 years ago.